Consultancy & Survey Service

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  • Colours, Materials, Design, Functionality,
  • One off sitting
  • Online meeting
  • Consultancy with other professionals
Design and material consultancy

Equipped with lots of samples and colour charts we can at the spot recommend the best options for your project. Talk you through types of paint, wallpapers, floorings etc. Create a pattern for your floors or walls. Recessed ceilings, lighting design. We can show you design basics, how to combine materials and how to choose the best one for your application. Positioning furniture in space, minimum distances (particularly in kitchen areas), lighting and much more.

Technical consultancy

We also advise in more elaborate matters such as moving walls, creating openings, recessed ceilings, lighting design (correct type and number of lights), adding doors, changing windows, choosing right size of radiator, calculating right size of towel rails, looking into plumbing problems and much more. Please read below about our technical skills in survey section.




Prior to new project

At the beginning of any project there is an initial meeting where we learn about client, his vision and style. We convey our knowledge about technology, materials and designs and start process of planning. We are very good in cooperating with other architects and builders.

thermal image
  • Thermal imaging,
  • Insulation, Damp problems
  • Location: London, UK
  • Client: D. Dubois
  • FLIR instruments
Air humidity & moisture in walls

We can help you combat problem with condensation in your house or flat, identify problems with dampness and assess right solution. This is particularly important for landlords to make sure that tenants live in correct living condition. High humidity in bedroom can cause serious health problems. For home owners correctly determine whether is condensation, rising damp or just general dampness can be money saving. We also measure moisture content in concrete before laying parquet flooring etc.

Leakage detection

Locating source of a leak using thermal imaging saves lots of time and try and errors. With a combination of moisture meter (inspection camera if needed for cavities) and our experience you can shortly go ahead with repairs at the right spot.






Technical advice and supervision

We use high end FLIR technology to measure and see damp problems and advanced Leica technology for measuring levels and distance. But without practical experience any instrument is only a tool. We use our experience not only to find source of problems but also prevent them from happing. You can contact us with any enquiry, for instance how to correctly prepare wooden sub floor for tiling, or any building or decorating work.

Sound/noise level measuring

We can measure airborne sound coming from the street, your noisy neighbour or when building new partition wall. Sound proofing efficiency or noise limits in your environment. For all our testing we provide full reports.







sound level measuring

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