Photo realistic visualisation has become a standard and almost necessity in interior design industry. In architecture software the whole building can be created and walked through so clients can get very real feeling of space and functionality of the interior. There are many levels of final quality, building details and materials, all depends on purpose of used software. That comes with price of course, as most industry standard software cost thousands of pounds and need to be updated annually. Also, requires skills and steap lernig curve to create beautiful interior equal to high quality artworks. Often whole team works on it as a designer provides all the specs and graphic team creates the CGI image. There is also DIY way by using Apps on your iPad or low-cost PC software which in many cases might be enough for its purpose. All is down to client’s requirements, whether is a company or private project and its scale.


Are you happy just with rough hand drawing and would you trust your builder that he can understand your vision?

Would you like a 3d visualisation even for small bedroom refurbishment?

Would you like to know what app to use to make your own design on your iPad or smartphone?