Interior design can have many forms and depths, from placing decoration and choosing colours to serious interior architecture. Of course, everyone can do their own design, and mainly smaller flats reach quite adequate results. But projects such as renovations often need bit more than just initiative. You need practical experience and some technical and almost artistic skills. In my view, we could quite easily compare interior design to dressing. Some are happy with casual, off the shelf cheap and cheerful clothes and some need professionally made to fit suits. Or sometimes you just want to own at least for once something really cool and special. The Avenue Design is trying to cover the whole spectrum, from one off ‘helping’ consultancy to regular high-end clients. Our aim is to make interior design at reasonable cost and approachable, and interior refurbishment comfortable and smooth ride without stressful situations. I believe, that it is integral part of an interior architecture service, being a good project manager with negotiating skills..

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